Vaporizing & Atomization

Piezoelectric  Vaporizing and dispensing

A piezoceramic based atomization technology by vibrating a micro-perforated membrane attached to a piezoceramic to satisfy the special requirements of delivering liquid medicines, nicotine and other natural material at precise and low dosage .

Optical Image Scanning

Images  Identifications & Dispensing

A fully automated system which identifying object, providing objects information in terms of shape, text, location.   Data can be connected with cloud to store, record, and dispense various types of drug or medical tools..

Flow Sensing

Optical Sensing Body Parameters

Hearing device with built-in optical sensing technology which can present  accurate body data for wellness and health awareness.

Facial Digitalization

Facial Figures Identifications

Taking digitalized data logs of skin images, and through a process of algorithms calculation, skin map analysis report can be generated for beauty care applications.

Thermal Combustion

Heat Without Burning

The patented heating structure and mechanism for traditional cigarettes helps smoking with minimal absorption of harmful substance like carbon monoxide and tar.

Spraying mechanism for Liquid and Powder

Micro Motor for Powder Dispensing

A spraying mechanism driven by high precision motor delivers aerosal at a consistent and even distribution manner

Bodywork therapies

Acu-points Therapy

An advanced-method for massaging structure focusing on acupoints of heads has effectively comfort the physical fatique and mental stress.

Directional and Amplification

Hearing Aid

With the innovations in the hearing aid technology, more choices are provided including the sound balance, tailor-made L&R voice receiving level, noise and echo cancelling which improve the life quality of person-in-need.

Motion Trigger Connection

Touch to Share for Auto Sync and Connect

The patented data or signal transmission via skin touch can enable auto sync and connect between listeners.

AI Machine Learning

Sound Pattern Recognition

The sound pattern recognition technology supports the sound identification and generate respective scent for high-level gaming or video enjoyment.

Wireless Connections

True Wireless Ear buds

Delivering high-quality true wireless music and voice, with noise cancellation and all round fittings. Enjoy on the move.

True Sound Quality

Wireless Speakers

Enjoy the best acoustics at home or on the go. Beyond your imagination,  Speakers in high power, shock-proof, water-proof, hands free, light effect or those ideal features not yet in your mind.