Smart Home (IOT)

Hydration sensors & Temperature sensor

Over the ever-changing generation, people start to pursue smart home system with simplicity and comfortability. AAi provides unique and sophisticated sensor solutions for smart home by collecting detailed ,accurate and reliable data with our holistic software developed platform. We integrate applications of:

  • Humidity and hydration sensor for smart home
  • Smart thermostats for smart home
  • Temperature monitoring for smart home

Motion/Multi-axis sensor

Our comprehensive cross-capability expertise with multi-axis motion, data processing and RF technology, makes us a trusted OEM partner for smart home solution provider.

Typical applications include:

  • Elder safety system
  • Elder, kids tracking system
  • Baby monitoring
  • Pet monitoring

Software, i-Cloud

Software and digital networking by i-Cloud enables us to live smarter, more comfortable and efficient. With AAi’s sophisticated and developed software platform and sensor solutions, everything of your home can be interconnected and interacted with each other. Our reliable solutions of applications can be applied in below areas:

  • Smart control of home humidity
  • Air quality tracking
  • Elderly safety system
  • Heat and gas emission
  • Smart thermostats
  • IP/camera security tracking