About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 2006, AAi has become the pioneer in the consumer electronic industry. With advanced consumer electronic expertise and cutting-edge innovation, our products enhance communication and care among people. Our experienced team offers world-class, full turnkey services to customers in a number of product categories.

With headquarter in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in mainland China, AAi has operations across several countries and regions in Hong Kong, mainland China, the US and Taiwan. We focus intense resources in R&D and collaborate with Universities and Research institutes to build a strong research network for the development of new technologies. This network allows us to stay abreast of the latest technology and market trends throughout the world, while maintaining a highly competitive cost structure.

  • Technology for a better life

  • New Technology, Better applications, Unique experience

Our Values

  • Our team : Create a great workplace with respect and appreciation.
  • Customers : Build a trustworthy companion in high commitment and loyalty.
  • Products: Innovate new technology and deliver unique experience.