Medical Technology

The ageing population is driving rapidly the demand for various medical devices worldwide. Coupled with the keystone values of our engineering team, deep expertise and global partner relationships, we help our customers to solve different kinds of challenges. We honor our every commitment, pay all effort to protect customers’ intellectual property and make ourselves a trusted OEM partner in medical industry.

Health Technology

We care the health conditions of people around and eager to develop health related technology and products to improve the well-being of them over time. Our comprehensive hardware and software platform integrated with different kinds of advanced sensor solutions will be a perfect match to varied customers . We support our customers to create their business ecosystem and connect with their customer community perfectly in daily life .

Smart Home (IoT)

IoT will be the mainstream and it is a competitive market. Speed-to-market is the key to win and thanks to our integrated expertise in hardware architecture, cloud and client end software applications, we can help our customers to innovate and meet the market needs.

Wireless Technology

Wireless connectivity is an universal element to link up the community and the global world to get prepared for the new IT generations and it plays a significant role in our daily life. Foreseeing the future technology trends, we are offering a comprehensive expertise and solid foundation in ample areas of wireless platform including LTE, RFID, GPS, WIFI, NFC, Bluetooth, 2.4GHz ,5.8GHz, 900Mhz and radar.